About ASI

We started as a Software Developer in Los Angeles in 1984 providing Law Firms a customizable billing software package known as "The Attorneys Software System”.   Since then we have expanded into all types of software development for many type of clients.  We specialize in Microsoft Access customized database solutions.

Our clients now include:

• Law Firms

• Small and Medium sized businesses

• Entertainment and Music Companies

• Government Agencies

• Banks and Lending Companies

• Universities

• Manufacturers

• Community Service Organizations

• Restaurants

• Interior Designers

• Retail Stores

For some of our clients, we provide a complete solution - from purchasing software and hardware on their behalf, implementing and installing all software and hardware, maintaining the system and recommending upgrades as they are needed. For others, we support the in-house staff and only provide additional support as required. We are very flexible in the support we offer and our aim is to make sure that you have a computer system that runs as efficiently as possible within your budget constraints.